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Student trip tuition includes emergency medical and evacuation insurance. You have the option to purchase additional insurance to cover cancellation of your flights, and additional coverage for your trip to guarantee 100% refunds of your total trip cost if you cannot join or if the trip is cancelled. It also covers lost valuables, trip delays etc. Click here for more details: [below is the more details]


This insurance will reimburse you 100% of your non-refundable unused travel expenses if your trip was cancelled or interrupted due to:


*  Personal illness due to sickness, including COVID-19 or injury.

*  Illness or death of an immediate family member or travel companion

*  Bankruptcy or financial default of airline or tour operator

*  Airline Strike

*  Inclement weather at your destination or departing city

*  Employee termination or layoff

*  Terrorism that causes the US to issue a travel restriction of a country on your itinerary

*  Medical quarantine or jury duty

*  Destruction of your home or primary residence

*  Burglary within 10 days of your departure

*  Assault within 10 days of your departure

*  Emergency military duty due to a national disaster


In addition, the plan includes:


$100,000 Medical and $500,000 Medical Evacuation

$500 Trip Delay Benefit for accommodations and Food

$750 for Lost or stolen luggage

$150 delayed baggage benefit

24-hour worldwide assistance


For complete policy information, click here [link to full policy brochure]


Flight cancellation Insurance Add-on: $32.11


Flight cancellation plus added trip insurance: $102.76


Email with any questions or to schedule a call to discuss insurance options

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