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Image by Jan Kronies

Indigenous Village Community Construction 

In the last two decades Colombia has grown and stabilized; however, much of the rural population continues to lack government support, and to redefine itself following the decades of the narco era. Padma leads trips to rural Colombian villages to support community development in coordination with local leaders. Each project worked on by trip members work requires many hours of manual labor on structures and systems vital to improving living standards, and preparing the next generation for success. On these trips, students stay in forest villages, working hand in hand with locals while practicing and improving their Spanish language skills. When not working, rainforest hikes, trips to the beach, snorkeling, surfing, or scuba diving are on the agenda.



June 8-20 2024

Group Size

10-20 Student
4 Trip Leaders
Max 8:1 Student/Adult


*not including airfare




Liter of Light, an international non-profit, has spent years bringing light to rural communities across South America. Experts in practical, inexpensive, and zero energy designs, their current focus is on installing outdoor light fixtures in communities long underserved by governmental public services. Trip members get the chance to get their hands dirty and assemble and install these structures in one such rural indigenous community in the mountains above Santa Marta.



Known as the Lost City of Colombia, this archaeological site is home to the ruins of a long lost, once vibrant city in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Colombia. An anthropological treasure trove, trip members will learn about the history and peoples of this ancient culture while trekking through some of the most beautiful forest in South America.



The first Spanish settlement in Colombia, this ancient port city is known as the White Pearl of the Carribbean Sea. Trip members' first and last days in Colombia are enjoyed here, where we settle into our trip, enjoy time on the beach, surf and freedive in the sea, and explore the gorgeous city.

Image by Christian Holzinger


This northwest Montana town is home to over 70,000 people and the University of Montana. Its quintessential Montana, vibrant, outdoorsy vibe has been celebrated in many books and films. At the beginning and end of trips, students will have the chance to explore the many restaurants, shops, river walks and maybe an outdoor concert or two, of this fun gem of the west.

Image by Datingjungle


With a lack of consistent government support, rural schools are routinely in disrepair if built at all. Trip sites are selected in part based on finding villages in need of new buildings for schools, or significant repairs to existing buildings. While working on schools, trip members also participate in tutoring, games, sports and various activities with the local children they serve.



Bordering Santa Marta is this pristine and well protected sanctuary of biodiversity. Trip members have several opportunities to explore palm-shaded coves, coastal lagoons filled with life, rainforests, and to float rivers and hike to the Pueblito ruins of the Pre-Columbian Tayrona Civilization. 

Welcome to the Colombia!

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