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Image by Rizknas

Komodo Liveaboard/Scuba

This trip begins on Flores Island on the Eastern end of Komodo National Park. After a couple days to explore this unique island and de-jetlag, the liveaboard portion of the trip begins. For the next nine days trip members live on a boat travelling around the many islands of Komodo National Park. With some of the richest biodiversity of the planet, and legendary bucket list dive sites, you’ll scuba dive up to four times a day while learning about the habitat and species you encounter. The trip includes a day on Komodo Island where you can get beautiful pics of ugly dragons. Trip leaders will instruct all trip members in relaxation and breathing techniques of freediving and your final day living on the boat will be spend practicing your new freedive skills in the water. Trips conclude back on Flores where you’ll hike to waterfalls, and explore the island before heading home.

Komodo, Indonesia


June 26th-July 9th 2024

Group Size

10-20 Student
4 Trip Leaders
Max 8:1 Student/Adult


*not including airfare


Image by Jeremy Bishop

Komodo National Park

Initially established to protect its namesake dragon, it is lesser know that Komodo NAtional Park encompasses 29 islands and is a massive protected marine sanctuary. Part of the coral triangle, Komodo boasts incredible biodiversity in electric blue clear waters. Komodo is also known for its drift dives, where currents flowing between islands allow scuba dives to effortlessly drift through the ocean passing technicolor reefs and countless species both large and small. It’s sort of like underwater slow motion squirrel suit flying but with all sorts of stuff flying all around you. The uninhabited islands of the national park offer great sunset hikes, and serene backdrops while on the boat.

Image by Johnny Africa

What you’ll see in Komodo

Sea turtles, white and black tipped reef sharks, all sorts of rays from 1ft diameter to 18ft wide manta rays, colorful variety of nudibranchs, small fishies hanging out in corals, up to massive schools of fish big and small all make these reefs their home. There’s also all variety of corals and trip members learn about coral preservation and restoration for several days while on the boat.

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Liveaboard Sail/Scuba

Spending your days living on a sailboat in the ocean, floating across crystal clear blue waters is an incredible experience. Add to this, daily scuba diving amidst astounding biodiversity while learning about the habitats you’re visiting, and you have the trip of a lifetime.

Image by Rizknas

Flores Island

After your time at sea, take time to marvel at some of the wonders of Flores Island. Here, you can swim in pristine lakes and waterfalls, go kayaking among craggy coasts and mangrove shores, explore mysterious caves and be warmly welcomed by the island’s people in their rituals, dances and daily life.

Image by Aviv Perets

Science Based Scuba

For students certified in scuba diving and passionate about the ocean, this trip provides the chance to dive to your heart's content while learning marine ecology and conservation methodology. For those interested in pursuing careers focused on marine life, nature, and conservation, this trip affords the opportunity to take science out of the classroom and into crystal clear waters of Indonesia, brimming with life.

Welcome to Komodo!

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