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Nepal Fundraiser

Consider supporting Padma’s primary fundraising efforts this year by donating to the Hope Foundation Project. All proceeds go directly to operating costs for Hope’s substance abuse Recovery center, children’s home, and after school program. 


Hope Foundation Nepal Fundraiser

Our primary focus in Nepal for 2023-2024 is supporting the projects of Hope Foundation operated by long time Padma partner Iman Lama. Currently, Hope Foundation runs an inpatient substance abuse recovery center for men and a children’s home. We are working to design implement and fund an afterschool program to provide healthy meals, tutoring, skills training to impoverished children in the Kathmandu Valley.
Hope Foundation has operated recovery programs, and many projects to help disenfranchised children since 2008. Over the years Padma has provided a level of oversight and guidance along with leading partner projects.
Fundraising Goals:

1-Raise $500/month to cover rental costs for the recovery center
2-Raise $5000 to help start Hope’s afterschool program

For more information on this project, email Luke Hanley at
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