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Service Trips

Padma service trips are operated by Padma Organization, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization founded in 2006. These trips focus on vital community led humanitarian and environmental projects. Trip members spend the majority of their time working hard on projects chosen by local leaders from the communities we serve. When the work is complete, trip members engage in a few days of adventure and cultural immersive activities.


Tax Deduction

As members of service trips are helping to accomplish Padma Organization’s charitable mission the majority of trip tuition and airfare is tax deductible. A nice way the government says thank you for doing good in the world.



Bali Reef

Stay in a bungalow on the beach in rural Bali while building and deploying structures to return a section of human impacted reef to its pristine state. Hike to waterfalls, scuba dive, freedive, and learn to surf. On neighboring islands, learn about and participate in ongoing manta ray research including scuba or freediving with these graceful giants of the sea. 

Image by David Morris

Montana Wilderness Conservation 

The third largest wilderness area in the lower 48, the Bob Marshall Wilderness consists of 1.5 million acres of mountains, rivers, and lakes just south of its much more trafficked neighbor, Glacier National Park. Students on this trip will work with local trail masters and guides to restore and maintain trails, remove invasive plant species, and participate in wildfire mitigation projects. When not working to help preserve this pristine area, students will engage in team building and leadership skills activities, fishing, hiking, and enjoying breathtaking scenery. All meals are provided, trip members are required to bring their own camping equipment including a tent, sleeping bag, pack etc. After six nights and seven days in the wilderness, the Glacier Institute will lead a daylong workshop where students will learn about Glacier Park and go on a guided hike, or afternoon fishing trip. The last group activity will be a visit to some local hot springs to help restore our bodies and experience a bit of true Montana lifestyle.

Image by Simon Berger


This trip focuses on providing construction support to a series of community development projects in a mountain village a few hours from the capital city of Quito. After acclimatizing in Quito for two days, students head into the mountains to stay in a village near the worksite. Students interact everyday with locals who will be working with us. Each day, after working, trip members can play games and participate in activities with students at the local school. This trip is sure to improve all trip member’s Spanish language skills.

After a week of working hard, we head to the Cotopaxi Reserve where we will campout and summit the famous peak. This climb is not technical, but does require participants to be in relatively good physical condition.

​The trip concludes with an excursion to the Galapagos Islands. Days are spent learning about the many endemic species of the islands, conservation methods and challenges, and getting up close and personal with all sorts of creatures on land and in the sea.

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Indigenous Village Community Construction 

In the last two decades Colombia has grown and stabilized; however, much of the rural population continues to lack government support, and to redefine itself following the decades of the narco era. Padma leads trips to rural Colombian villages to support community development in coordination with local leaders. Each project worked on by trip members work requires many hours of manual labor on structures and systems vital to improving living standards, and preparing the next generation for success. On these trips, students stay in forest villages, working hand in hand with locals while practicing and improving their Spanish language skills. When not working, rainforest hikes, trips to the beach, snorkeling, surfing, or scuba diving are on the agenda.

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