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Image by Timur Kozmenko

Indonesia Photography Deep Dive

Travel across Indonesia with a professional nature and underwater photographer and educator. Each day of this trip includes photography and videography tutorials and assignments. This Trip begins in Bali, exploring in and around the ancient city of Ubud. After a few days on the remote northeast coast of Bali we fly to the Komodo National Park. In partnership with marine conservation organizations, we’ll capture shots and footage in the clear waters around Komodo while scuba diving. Staying aboard a sailboat we’ll travel island to island with different dive sites every day. After diving, we’ll visit Komodo Island to get up close and personal with Komodo dragons while learning about their habitat and ongoing threats from overdevelopment. We then spend a few days on Nusa Lembongan capturing underwater images of manta rays for ongoing identification research. Surfing and freediving instruction is also on the agenda, before heading to the surf and yoga mecca of Canggu on our last day before heading home.

Bali, Indonesia & Komodo Islands



Group Size

10-20 Student
4 Trip Leaders
Max 8:1 Student/Adult


*not including airfare


Image by Jeremy Bishop

Northeast Bali

This trip's main project is in partnership with North Bali Reef Conservation outside the rural fishing village of Tianyar. One of Padma’s most immediately fulfilling projects, trip members make and deploy structures in the ocean to restore a section of destroyed reef. Each year, the biodiversity of the targeted section of reef has nearly doubled thanks to our efforts. It’s hard to imagine a project that provides such directly and quickly visible benefits to our friends in the sea.​

Image by Camille Bismonte


Trips begin in the cultural and spiritual hub of Ubud. Abounding with ancient temples, forests, rivers, terraced rice fields, and intriguing people of all kinds, Ubud is an ideal spot to learn, experiment, and capture creative shots while enjoying true Balinese culture.

Image by Fajruddin Mudzakkir

Komodo National Park

The islands around Komodo boast some of the most biodiverse waters on the planet with incredible blue waters and visibility over 100ft. While scuba diving, trip members will have ample time and guidance in learning to work with light, and underwater factors to capturing great shots of fishies, rays, sharks, coral, and all sorts of life.

Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri

Nusa Lembongan And Nusa Penida

After returning to Bali, we head to these two nearby islands. The focus here will be diving with manta rays, and traveling to the many mountainside viewpoints and unique ocean cliff formations.

Image by Joshua J. Cotten

Komodo Island

A protected area with no permanent residents, this island has other worldly forests and is home to Komodo Dragons. This phase of the trip focuses on nature photography and of course, capturing images of the giant dragons. At this point on the trip, there will be instructional reviews of trip members' work to this point, consisting of one on one consultation workshops.

Image by Sergey Chuprin


The bustling hub of yoga and surfing, Canggu is a fun beachside town filled with unique architecture, all sorts of characters, and is the heart of the vibe of international visitors to Bali. A fun way to wrap up your trip, now that your photographic eye is keen, you’ll have a blast capturing the exciting and vibrant vibe of Canggu.

Welcome to Indonesia!

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