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Azores 10-Day April Adventure

Designed to immerse students in the rich culture, verdant mountains, and clear blue ocean waters of the Azores Islands, this trip explores three of the nine Azores Islands. It includes beachfront camping, hiking, backpacking and a summit ascent of Pico Peak, the highest point in Portugal. Ocean activities include learning about marine conservation and swimming with dolphins, and students will learn about the culture of these unique islands.

Azores Islands,Portugal



Group Size

10-20 Student
4 Trip Leaders
Max 8:1 Student/Adult


*not including airfare



Ponta Delgada​​

The largest town in the Azores, Ponta Delgada has maintained its old world charm. Serving as basecamp for the first few days of the trip, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, forests, and villages are all nearby on the 40km long, 8km wide island of Sao Miguel.


Sete Cidade

A massive dormant volcano caldera, here we will hike along the caldera ridge overlooking the Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde, the blue and green lakes with their starkly different water color. Forests of hydrangeas and views of the Atlantic abound before descending to a village for a late afternoon lunch.


Hot Springs And Waterfalls

The Azores are home to many mineral laden thermal hot springs and forest waterfalls. Trip members will explore many of these beautiful spots, which are yet to be spoiled by over development and masses of tourists. Soaking in hot springs after long hikes is sure to be a welcome bit of R&R.


Pico Peak

The highest point in Portugal, Pico Peak rises from sea level to nearly 8,000ft. With expert mountain guides, trip members on a steep and arduous climb to the top, to camp in the caldera at the second summit. Everyone wakes up before the sun to make the final push to the peak and experience a sunrise to rival any on the planet. Many professional mountaineers cast Pico Peak as one of their favorite summits. You’ll see why.



An ancient port town that has seen vikings, pirates, transatlantic traders, whalers, adventurers, and most recently become a hub of marine research, Horta has changed little over the years and is a favorite of many who visit the Azores. Trip members camp at a nearby beachfront forest where they will visit town in between adventures across Faial Island.

The Ocean

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and parallel to Portugal, the Azores boast year round warm waters, often with over 100ft visibility of vibrant blue water. Over two dozen species of whale and dolphin pass through these islands throughout the year. Once a whaling hub, the Azores are now a global leader in marine research. Trip members will learn about current projects and get up close and personal with sea life, including a dolphin swim.   ​

Welcome to the Azores!

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