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Grow, change, learn through travel with Padma
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Padma's SAGE Program

Every trip includes elements of Padma’s SAGE Personal Development Program. While school trains youth in subjects to excel in college and find a career path, Padma aims to fill in gaps in education by developing awareness and connection to oneself, others, and your community and environment. This begins with establishing a positive and safe group culture to allow for introspection, vulnerability, and personal and interpersonal discovery. Our program also aims to train students as global travelers with skills that increase your ability to connect with a place and its people while learning to recognize risks and anomalies in your environment. Trip leaders are trained in implementing the SAGE program and every trip includes it.


Adventure Education Trips

These trips include location specific activities to challenge you and offer a chance to get a bit off more trodden tourist paths. They also focus on learning about the culture, current issues, and engaging with local professionals who work to give back to their communities and promote sustainable living and conservation practices. When not exploring local issues or learning from local role models and getting ideas for your own lifepath, there are adventure activities specific to each trip.


Padma Service Trips

Padma Organization is a non profit that leads humanitarian and environmental projects around the world. Our service trips take students to work on our projects and partner organization projects. On these trips we promote a sense of shared interchange as opposed to any sense of saviorism. The communities we serve do not need saving, and our students have much to learn from them. When we select projects, it is to fill a gap left by public services and government in countries where stable government has yet to be achieved. After meeting with community leaders in the areas we serve, projects are chosen by locals that must be vital, long lasting, sustainable, and require some degree of international support to be completed. Students stay in villages while working, and learn about the new culture, engaging with locals, and working hard to improve the lives of others. Service trips tend to conclude with a multiday activity designed to be fun and deeper immerse students in the unique features of the trip location.


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Service Trips

Adventure Education Trips

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